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Nug News – Weekly Cannabis News Update September 20, 2020

Cannabis News Update September 20

Weekly Cannabis News Update September 20, 2020

The Five States with Cannabis on the Ballot in November

First up is New Jersey, who came close in the past to legalizing recreational marijuana but with the general support at about 68% of polled voters, the legislation, strangely called Public Question 1, which is actually a state constitutional amendment legalizing the use, sale, possession and production of cannabis for anyone over 21 seems destined to pass.

Another state with a good chance of passing marijuana legalization is Arizona with Proposition 207.  Similar legislation came to close in 2016 but came up just short with a little over 48% of the votes needed.  The second time will surely be the charm as the public support for legalization of marijuana is over 60% of polled voters.  The states plans to tack on some serious taxes, 16% in addition to regular sales tax so passage of this proposition will be a massive economic boost to the state.

Montana has a somewhat complex approach to the legalization process come November.  The first constitutional amendment would set the age of use, sale and possession of marijuana at 21.  The second initiative is much more specific, setting guidelines, taxes and most importantly, addresses those who have previously been convicted of marijuana related crimes.  Whether Montana passes both the amendment and initiative is uncertain as public support there is hovering at 50%.

South Dakota will also be making its first attempt to pass marijuana legalization and is going big with both medical marijuana and recreational on the ballot separately.  The medical marijuana legislation, Measure 26, is fairly narrow in terms of what conditions will be covered but has good support in a fairly conservative state.  The Constitutional Amendment A which establishes the laws and general guidelines for recreational use does not have as much support but 2020 has never been predictable so it’s up to the voters in South Dakota to make the call.

Mississippi, one of the most conservative states in the US is moving forward with a two part question style initiative regarding the legalization of medical marijuana.  First voters in Mississippi will choose whether they generally support legalizing medical marijuana and regardless of how they answer that question, they will then be asked to choose either Initiative 65 or Alternative 65A.  Initiative 65 is pretty broad in terms of what medical conditions it allows medical marijuana to be used to treat.  It also includes a sales tax element.  The much more limited Alternative 65A only allows medical marijuana to be used by terminally ill patients and requires heavy medical oversight.  A very complicated way to put this important question to the voters or Mississippi but the true test will come in November.

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Weekly Cannabis News Update September 20, 2020

Congress Delays MORE Act Vote until After November Election

The long anticipated vote that was scheduled to take place in the US House of Representatives this week has been delayed until after the November 3rd election.  The path of the MORE (Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement) Act now faces an uncertain future.

Despite considerable bipartisan support in the House, the vote has been delayed because of more pressing legislation that Congress wants to take up before the election.  There will be a vote on the MORE Act after November 3rd, when Congress returns for a lame duck session.  Whether the considerable momentum this piece of legislation currently has will carry over into a post-election environment remains to be seen.  The path forward for the MORE Act will depend heavily on the outcome of not just the presidential election in November but essentially all down ballot elections as well.  It’s certainly possible for the legislation to fly through the House and end up in what may be a very different looking Senate next year.

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