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Nug News – Weekly Cannabis News Update November 15, 2020

Cannabis News Update November 15, 2020

Weekly Cannabis News Update November 15, 2020

Cannabis News Update November 15, 2020

Former NBA Player Larry Hughes to Open Two Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in St. Louis

Larry Hughes, a St. Louis native is teaming up with fellow NBA player Al Harrington to bring two medical marijuana dispensaries and a cultivation and processing center to St. Louis.  The Viola Brands, named after Harrington’s grandmother who has found relief in cannabis for her medical conditions including glaucoma and diabetes will be called VMO and one of the two locations will be a drive-thru dispensary, although both will adhere to Covid social distancing guidelines when they open in April of 2021.  Larry Hughes has spent much of his free time off the court devoting himself to causes that better his local community and is especially concerned with those that have mental health issues, including PTSD, which cannabis has been shown to be especially helpful in treating. St. Louis Alderwoman Cara Spencer gave her congratulations to Hughes and Harrington on their important business partnership and stressed that these two dispensaries as well as the cultivation and processing center marked the first black-owned cannabis businesses in Missouri. In 2018 Missouri became the 33rd US state to legalize medical cannabis.  The legislation passed easily with 66% voting for the Amendment to 34% voting against.  You can read more here.

Cannabis News Update November 15, 2020

UK Doctors Need Cannabis Education

Despite the change in the status of cannabis in the UK in 2018 from a Schedule I drug, which means it is seen as having no medical value to a Schedule II drug, allowing for specialist doctors to prescribe cannabis to their patients, only two people have actually been prescribed cannabis since 2018.  The reasons for that are somewhat complex however one of the main reasons is the lack of education medical professionals in the UK have received regarding the benefits and methods of using cannabis to treat a vast number of medical conditions.  Despite the fact that over 80,000 doctors in the UK are allowed to prescribe cannabis, none are doing so in part due to lack of education and confidence in the efficacy of cannabis in the treatment of patients.  The lack of training is at least partly due to the policies of the National Health Service (NHS) which has made it clear they prefer to rely solely on studies conducted within the UK.  The problem is there are very few studies regarding cannabis taking place in the UK.  One promising study, Project Twenty21, plans to provide cannabis to approximately 20,000 patients by 2021 which will hopefully open the door for UK doctors to have access to additional information regarding the benefits of medical cannabis for their patients.  Check out more here.


Cannabis News Update November 15, 2020

Cannabis Officials from 19 US States to Work Together

This group of cannabis officials have decided to move forward with plans to create a 19 state non-partisan coalition to provide and share expertise when it comes to all things cannabis and hemp related.  The initial members include regulators from Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah and Washington State.  Norman Birenbaum, who is currently the director of Cannabis programs for New York state after serving as the top cannabis industry regulator in Rhode Island will be the first president of the newly formed association.  The group has quite a few goals including establishing best practice standards within the industry, creating more of an open exchange of information, including cannabis and hemp research, between states as well as with appropriate federal agencies. The group has made it clear they will not be taking an official position regarding the legalization of cannabis, rather they will facilitate communication and information exchange regarding all things cannabis.  Read more on this Topic here.

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