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Psychology of a Modern Day Stoner

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Gone are the days of the stereotypical stoner who sits in his mom’s basement for decades without a job or a direction in life.  Yes those stoners do still exist but with so many states in the US and countries legalizing cannabis, there are many types of people who have embraced the cannabis lifestyle for a variety of reasons.  These modern day stoners have little in common with the negative stoner stereotypes however they do often share similar cannabis lifestyle psychology traits that make them generally good people to be around.  Whether you’re a stoner, you have a partner who is or your friends embrace the cannabis lifestyle.  See if the traits below apply to you or to them.


Most people who enjoy and have the cannabis lifestyle psychology traits are resilient folks.  Being resilient is more than just being strong or tough at all times.  It goes far deeper than that.  True resilience is the ability to bounce back when things are not going your way and to overcome obstacles or at the very least, to maneuver around obstacles.  For example, if you go to college and work hard and earn a degree, then you graduate and can’t find work in your field, then what?  Some people become angry and believe the world is against them and they are destined for failure.  People that are resilient take the skills they learned and find a new direction to pursue.  Why are stoners resilient?  Of course each person has their own reasons but generally overcoming negative stereotypes associated with the cannabis lifestyle and thriving in the ever evolving world of legalized cannabis is true resilience.


Stoners are a curious group.  The love of new experiences is one of the cornerstones of learning and so that also makes stoners great learners.  Being curious really means being open to new ideas and experiences and those qualities are such a big part of the cannabis lifestyle.  From trying new strains of cannabis to switching up delivery methods to growing your own cannabis.  There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to cannabis, no matter how you view it, stoners are figuring things out all the time that can’t be easily learned from picking up a book or checking out a website.  Without a healthy dose of curiosity stoners would settle into the same routine day after day.  Not to say that is a bad way of life, it’s just not the cannabis way of life.


Some stoners are obviously creative people.  They are artists, musicians or writers and have incorporated cannabis into their creative process in a way that enhances both the buzz and their creative talents.  Other stoners who claim not to be creative have perhaps not realized what their creative potential truly is and for some people that takes time and encouragement.  For example if you grew up in an environment where your attempts to express your creativity were not supported, you may have come to believe you are just not very creative.  Once you change the environment and find a community that supports your creative pursuits, the cannabis community for example, it will be much easier to explore your own creative ideas without fear of judgment.

Introvert vs. Extrovert

If you asked 100 stoners to identify themselves as either an introvert or an extrovert, you may get some definitive answers but you are likely to get a lot of “it depends” as an answer.  There is good reason for this, most stoners have the adaptability to sometimes embrace their extrovert qualities and other times their introvert qualities depending on the situation they are in and who else is around.  Consuming cannabis on the regular seems to give people the ability to read and assess a situation and adapt accordingly.  This ability is one of the most useful stoner qualities as it can be used around work colleagues, difficult family members or even with strangers in awkward situations.  This innate understanding is a very impressive cannabis lifestyle psychology skill and usually is the result of stoners finding themselves in some strange situations and over time, learning how best to modify their behavior and responses to keep things chill.  For those who enjoy the cannabis lifestyle, chill is the default place to be.

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