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Cannabis Karma

cannabis karma

First of all I’m a big believer in karma generally.  I think if you put good things out into the world, that’s what you will get back and vice versa, eventually.  I never really thought about karma being more specific of a concept than that however when I had my first party some years ago, I learned a valuable lesson about cannabis karma and about friends.

I was so stoked to finally live in a place that was big enough and had the right kind of environment for a party.  I had never hosted one before and always wanted to try it.  At the time I was living on the second floor of a house near the campus where I was attending school.  I had the whole floor to myself and although the sloped roof was a little annoying, my downstairs neighbor was super cool and had no problem with parties as long as things didn’t get too crazy. I wanted to start small so I only invited 15 people and figured I would end up with 10.  That proved to be accurate and I think 10 or 11 people showed up.  I also decided since this was my first party and I wanted to be mature as a young adult, the party should have a theme.  Looking back I have no idea why I thought this was necessary but I digress.  The theme was blended drinks and cannabis, not together of course, separately!

I had all party supplies ready to go including half an ounce of some dank weed, a little bit of hash, various kinds of alcohol, juices and of course plenty of snacks.  As people started arriving I encouraged them to get creative with their blended drinks and although I was super stoned, I had a feeling mixing crème de menthe, vanilla ice cream and Grapenuts cereal was not going to go well, I will never forget the faces of my friends who were brave enough to try it. No matter how much cannabis you consume and how hard the munchies hit, I do not recommend this particular drink.

The party went very well, disgusting drink combinations aside and everyone had plenty of food, drinks and weed.  I shared the hash with a few friends and by 1 am the party was starting to wind down, everyone had left with the exception of two friends who offered to help me clean up a bit.  As we were doing just that I noticed my weed was gone or at least not on the table where it had been sitting for the entire party.  I asked my friends and neither one of them had seen it so as I grew more and more freaked out, we tore apart my place and looked literally everywhere.  By around 3 am we all came to the conclusion that someone had stolen it.  It was pretty heartbreaking to know someone I considered a friend would steal from me and anyone who has had something stolen knows the feeling well.  First you don’t believe it but once you accept it, it’s just sad.  I wasn’t even angry at how much cannabis had apparently walked out my door, just really sad.  Nothing to do but try not to dwell on it and go to sleep.

I woke up late the next day as I had not fallen asleep until after 4 am.  I was still in a state of shock that my first party had ended in such a shitty way and as word spread throughout the day I began to get calls and texts from everyone who had been at the party expressing disbelief and other similar sentiments.  I admit I was holding on to hope that someone would say they had accidently taken it, thinking it was their cannabis but no such luck.  Goodbye weed.  I tried to put it out of my mind and hope that karma would do the rest.

The next morning, as I was leaving my place to head to school, I saw one of those small brightly colored gift bags with a green ribbon tying it closed sitting on my front porch.  Since it was not my birthday or any type of holiday I was a slightly nervous to open it.  Curiosity soon won over my initial apprehension and I opened the bag.  Yes you probably guessed, my cannabis was inside along with another baggie of cannabis and a note that said “sorry”.  Years later I still have no idea which one of my party guests took the weed and then returned it plus more weed and so much time has passed, I will likely never know.  That’s just fine though as my belief in karma, even cannabis karma, was reinforced and remains strong to this day.

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