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Quirky Cannabis Related Collectibles

cannabis collectibles

Once you have adopted the true cannabis lifestyle you may pick up some of the unique and quirky habits of collecting certain things related to that lifestyle.  Obviously collecting a wide range of cannabis strains is a temporary hobby as you will surely smoke, vape, dab or eat your way through your collection in a relatively short time. Real cannabis connoisseurs have some both useful and entertaining collections that they consider to be an essential part of the cannabis lifestyle.  Take a look at some of the most common ones below and see how many, if not all of the cannabis collectibles you have accumulated yourself.


Stoners never just have one lighter.  Pretty much anyone who is serious about their cannabis and smokes, dabs or vapes as a primary consumption method has plenty of lights.  Small, big, full and even empty lighters can be found in the cannabis stash boxes of true stoners.  If a particular lighter has anything even remotely associated with cannabis it will always be part of the collection, even months or years after it is empty.  Kept just to have around on the off chance it might provide just one last light in times of a lighter emergency.  Some people collect only cannabis related lighters but most people have a fairly broad collection of various colors with no marijuana leaf on them or cannabis related sayings such as “its 4:20 somewhere in the world”.  The bottom line, if you ever need a lighter, just ask a stoner but they will want it back!

Weed Porn

Forget traditional porn, stoners like to collect weed porn and lots of it.  This weed porn tends to be from their own cannabis stash rather than just random pictures taken by people they don’t know.  Stoners will become experts in lighting and the basics of good photography just to ensure their cannabis pictures are the envy of other stoners. If they grow their own cannabis, be prepared for some serious weed porn, not just at harvest time but at various growth stages along the path to harvest time.  Some stoners will apply special lights and filters to give additional beauty to their weed porn collection and inspire other stoners to step up their own weed porn game.

Cannabis Containers

Who throws away their cannabis containers from a dispensary?  Not a real stoner that’s for sure and besides, recycling is good for the environment as well as a cannabis container collection. If those cannabis containers are glass, there can be plentiful useful ways to use those cannabis collectibles from repurposing the containers as spice jars to DIY candles and if the containers are large enough, to store food or really any items.  The key is to keep them around and if possible find a fun and creative way to display the collection of glass containers.  If the cannabis containers are plastic, it’s more challenging to find interesting ways to use them however it can be done.  Some stoners even plant small succulents in the containers or use them to start their next cannabis seeds off in the right environment and with good cannabis karma.

Cleaning Supplies

For those stoners who use glassware as part of their cannabis consumption whether it be bongs, dab rings or pipes keeping a collection of cleaning products on hand just makes good stoner sense.  As we all learned in the spring, giant bottles of isopropyl alcohol do not grow on trees and can become extremely hard to come by.  Keeping a few extra bottles around in your cannabis collectibles and buying a few when you see them in the store to add to your collection is necessary if you want to keep your glassware clean.  As a stoner you should definitely keep your glassware clean as it extends the life of it by years. Other cleaning supplies are important, such as sea salt, but are generally easy to find and therefore it’s not necessary to start a sea salt collection, unless you really want to.

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