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How to Enhance Your Cannabis Buzz

Cannabis Buzz

Sure you may be satisfied with the quality of your cannabis strain and feel like you are getting the most out of your smoke session or edibles.  That doesn’t mean you don’t crave just a little more from time to time.  Most seasoned marijuana users will tell you, the answer is not always, just do more of the same.  In fact that can sometimes have the opposite effect and who wants that?  It’s a waste of weed and a waste of your cannabis time.  With that in mind we will explore a few of the best ways to achieve that ultimate high and enhance your cannabis buzz.

Mix it up

Consuming the same marijuana strain, no matter how much you love it, over time may leave you less than thrilled.  You’re high yes, but something is missing.  If you smoke your cannabis, try mixing strains together in a bong or pipe, even a joint for a new kind of buzz.  The next time you visit your local dispensary pick up something new.  Try some live resin on top of your bowl or rolled up in your blunt to achieve a completely new and different high.
Just start with a small amount of something new.  If you are not a flower person and prefer to vape, consider adding an edible to your cannabis session.  With so many types of marijuana and a wide variety of delivery methods, you can experiment to your hearts content. When you decide to mix it up, whether it’s mixing strains or mixing methods of consumption, start small, you can always add more, it’s tough to do the opposite!

Move to Enhance Your Cannabis Buzz

By move, that means farther than from your couch to the fridge.  To really enhance your cannabis high, you’ve got to move enough to get your heart rate up a bit.  This does not mean start training for a marathon but a good fast paced urban stroll or a hike in the mountains can do wonders to elevate your buzz.  Why does movement and exercise enhance your high?  THC is stored in body fat and a good cardio workout can help release some of that stored THC from your body fat into your bloodstream.  This phenomenon has been studied and according to scientists, THC levels in your blood can increase up to 15% following exercise.  So unless this is one of your first times consuming cannabis, why not let your body fat help you enhance your high.  Of course for those serious athletes that have a very low body fat percentage, this does not apply to you.

Take a Break

Not what you may want to hear but taking what’s called a “tolerance break” will help you achieve those amazing highs that have now become a distant memory simply because you have become a regular marijuana user.  Everyone is different and not everyone builds a tolerance to the effects of cannabis at the same level and time-frame but it will happen eventually.  You take one bong hit, then another, then another and meh, you might feel a little buzzed but considering how epically the new Sativa is treating all your friends, you barely feel anything.  You’ve officially built up your tolerance to cannabis and it’s time for a break.  How long that break should be is entirely up to you however in order for your body to completely rid itself of all cannabinoids, it takes about a month.  It may sound like the last thing you want to do but after a tolerance break you will be able to achieve those amazing highs once more.  Challenging but worth it!