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Blue Dream Strain Review

Blue Dream Strain Review

Blue Dream Strain Review

Blue Dream Strain

Factoids:  Grower-Oregon Roots/Dispensary – Chalice Farms

Sativa Hybrid THC 24.27% CBD 0.16%

Terpenes-Myrcene and Alpha Pinene

Bud Buzz:  One of the classics for a reason, Blue Dreams strain never disappoints.  This strain has a slightly piney taste and smell but nothing overwhelming.  The feelings of happiness, downright euphoria and an amazing head high leading to a period of productive creativity made this one perfect for an afternoon artist session with close friends.  Not a super talkative high but if you hang with people who like to do their own thing, just around other people, Blue Dreams is the answer.  Now what was the question?  Excellent for depression, anxiety and pain, it can make you feel sleepy out of the blue bud another bowl keeps you on the creative train if you aren’t ready for sleep.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables-Water seemed a little boring, a nice fruity seltzer or a light IPA really hit the spot, especially in the summer.  Dry mouth can be an issue so make sure to keep something around you find refreshing.

Munchables-Blue Dream strain is not known for producing out of control hunger.  That being said, nuts or dried fruits, think trail mix type of snack probably won’t be turned down.  If you are creative in the kitchen, this strain just might inspire you.

Doables– Write, paint, compose, with Blue Dream the world is your oyster, creatively speaking.  A walking brainstorm session for panting ideas is a pretty epic way to spend an afternoon.  Don’t forget to take some breaks to soak in the beauty around you.

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