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Blackberry Octane Strain Review

Blackberry Octane Strain

Blackberry Octane Strain Review

Blackberry Octane Strain 

Factoids:  Grower – Pruf Cultivar/ Dispensary – Electric Lettuce

Indica THC 29.05% CBD 0.04%

Terpenes- Myrcene, Limonene and Caryophyllene

Bud Buzz: This cannabis strain is the ultimate Indica.  Sweet smelling and tasting, the aftertaste is a little bit like fuel, thus the name octane.  Touted as the ultimate couch lock experience, Blackberry Octane strain does not disappoint. The body high comes on immediately after the first hit and builds pretty quickly to an all over feeling of euphoria.

This cannabis strain is not for those wake n’ bakers unless the only thing you have planned for the rest of your morning is a nap.  This particular strain has a high THC percentage so go slow even if you have a relatively high tolerance.  Not a super social strain, this one is excellent for pain relief, anxiety and stress literally melt away which are all good things.  The negatives are its strong and if you are looking for a lighter Indica to ease into your evening, this one is not it.  Two or three bong hits should be plenty but start with one.  The other downside is the dry mouth and a little bit of dry eyes.  Overall though, the Blackberry Octane strain is the ultimate escape into either blissful sleep or blissful chillness.

Buzz Enhancers

Drinkables– because of the dry mouth associated with this cannabis strain, liquids are vital.  If you want to create a bit more of an uplifting effect, go with coffee or black tea.  Otherwise stick with any clear liquid you like, water is always good but for those who like some carbonation LaCroix seems to really hit the spot.  Just stay hydrated because you will find yourself so relaxed you may forget to sip on some liquids from time to time.

Munchables-the munchies come on after about an hour but are not super intense, meaning you don’t feel like eating the entire contents of your fridge.  Go with savory but not too salty snacks to start, maybe some creamy mac and cheese.  It’s easy to mindlessly eat once you get started so keep that in mind and only make a certain amount, you won’t feel like making anything overly complicated anyway.  If sweet snacks are your thing, think brownies or something creamy like cheesecake.

Doables-sometimes with certain cannabis strains you just want to feel that all-encompassing high without really doing too much.  This is one of those strains.  Blackberry Octane is not going to motivate you to take on any major projects, creative or otherwise.  Sure you could rearrange your cabinets while waiting for the mac and cheese to finish but for the most part, just sit back and relax and enjoy the feeling of being euphorically stoned!

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